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Sex Game Devil 50% Off Summer Sale

Sex Game Devil has announced a 50% off summer sale on their all-inclusive sex games subscription package. From now until July 22nd you can sign up for just $6.95 instead of the regular monthly price of $14.95.

The package includes all 6 sex games in the Sex Game Devil line-up:

  • Nemo's Whores
  • Sex Warrior
  • Juliet Sex Session
  • Venus Hostage
  • Night Party
  • Anal Masters

As an added bonus you will also receive the new Juliet Rag Doll and Secret of the Nautilus mini games for free.

Your subscription entitles you to all updates including seven new sex poses that were recently added to Juliet Sex Session including a hot blowjob position.  Click the image or link below for instant access. 

Juliet Sex Session 69 Pose

Link: Sex Game Devil

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iStripper Launched By Totem Core

Totem Core, makers of the popular erotic software VirtuaGirl HD and Deskbabes, have launced iStripper for PC and MAC.

The new "strippers on your desktop" application represents a major update for VirtualGirl HD and Deskbabes, as well as a rebranding.

iStripper integrates the softcore content of VirtuaGirl HD and hardcore lesbian content of Deskbabes into one product. Furthermore, iStripper is offered in UHD 4K resolution, as compared with 1080p in earlier products.

The new adult software offers a fresh interface with better design charactristics, more features, and easier to use GUI. At this juncture, over 600 videos are available in UHD, with another 600 or so available in 1080p.

Check out The Virtual Sex Review for a full iStripper adult game video review.

iStripper is available now as a free download with over a thousand free shows. Nude and XXX shows can be purchased from about $2 each.

iStripper Strap-On

Link: iStripper

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Pink Visual Licenses Thrixxx 3D Sex Game

Pink Visual has signed a licensing agreement with Thrixxx games to distribute their 3D Sex Game under the brand Pink Visual Sex Simulator. Under the arrangement Pink Visual will offer the interactive sex game with the same features and add-ons that are available in the Thrixxx version, 3D SexVilla 2.

Pink Visual is known for being a leading innovator in the adult entertainment industry and was the first, among other things, to offer an iPad compatible website and augmented reality (AR) pornography.  In addition, Pink Visual is well known for a variety of adult series' they produce including Her First Lesbian, Teens for Cash, Gang Band Squad, Monster Cock Junkies and more.

Thrixxx has a line up of best selling interactive sex games including 3D SexVilla 2, Hentai 3D 2 and 3D Gayvilla.  Like Pink Visual, Thrixxx is the top innovator in their market space with bleeding edge animation and sound quality along with support for new technologies like VStroker and X-Box Kinect.

Pink Visual is offering a free softcore edition of the 3D Sex Game which can be upgraded with hardcore content, different face/body models, scenes and a multitude of other customizations.

Pink Visual Sex Simulator is available for free download now at the link below. 

Pink Visual Games Home Page

Links: Pink Visual Games

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Venus Hostage Launched

Sex Game Devil has just launched their new Adventure Sex Game Venus Hostage for Windows.  In Venus Hostage you play an unnamed protagonist that's kidnapped and held hostage by a beautiful dominatrix. Your goal is to escape and then also free the beautiful and sultry woman you met just before blacking out.

The sex game is a first person adventure that offers a mix of quest, physical puzzles and first person shooter action.  The erotic game is beautifully animated with well integrated cut scenes including some racy R rated sex action (no hardcore porn here).

The game is produced by Mirage-lab in Russia and licensed for sale by Sex Game Devil whom already offers a great array of sex games.  Venus Hostage is available for download now at $9.95 or as a 5 game bundle that includes Nemo's Whores for just $24.95.  Click the links below for more info or to buy now.

Link: Venus Hostage | Sex Game Devil Bundle

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Thrixxx Demos Sex Game With Kinect Controls

Thrixxx has demonstrated a sex game that is controlled using "Kinect," the motion-sensing control system from Microsoft.  Thrixxx used open source tools to intigrate the device to work on a PC.  Development is in the early stages, and so far the controller can only be used for a little casual groping and dildo action.

Thrixxx expects to fully commercilaze the product, eventually offering full control over sex games including virtual penetration, and will include voice cammands.  Microsoft is not onboard with the idea to say the least, but Thrixxx is going to forge ahead, even if they have to release the product for free to avoid lawsuits.  It's almost certain that the Kinect controller will eventually be available for use with existing sex games from Thrixxx including 3D Sexvilla, Hentai 3D, and more.

Here's a hardcore demo video for download: Kinect sex game demo 

Thrixxx Kinect Sex

Links: SexVilla, Hentai 3D

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Hentai 3D Version 2.107 Released

Thrixxx has launced a major update for one of it's premier sex games, Hentai 3D. In addition to the usual content updates Thrixxx has also revamped their pose editor with many new features to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of their Gamerotica social network site.  

Version 2.107 of Hentai 3D includes the following new features:

  • Sex Camp play area
  • Casual and Outdoor texture packs (clothing)
  • Hair "bangs"
  • Keyboard number pad speed controls
  • Full support for OGG formatted audio files
  • Improved texture files with multiple layers
  • Major server upgrades to facilitate faster upgrades and other downloads

In a seperate upgrade all Thrixxx sex games have the following pose editor enhancements:

  • Toy animations... can be manipulated by models
  • Edit default poses
  • In room pose editing
  • Visual manipulator to rotate joints
  • Key frame editing

Existing Thirixxx clients will recieve the upgrades automatically when they launch any of the sex games.Thrixxx Default Pose Editor

Link: Hentai 3D

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ZoomTang Launches

Solark is now offering ZoomTang. ZoomTang is a close up interactive sex game. The game is simple, straight forward, and hardcore.

You control a giant penis, or dildo, banana, etc., and insert same into buxom blond's various orifices. The action in this sex game is up close and personal. Graphics and sound are excellent. Free demo is available for download.

ZoomTang Sex Game

Link: No Longer Available

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Hentai 3D Version 2.119 Released

Thrixxx has updated it's premium sex game Hentai 3D to version 2.119.  As is their custom new updates include a new play, new clothing, new customizations, new features, and the usual bug fixes.

This latest incarnation the long awaited stripclub locale, including vintage outfits from the 70's, 50's, and 20's eras.  Frankly we are a little dissapointed at the lack of modern outfits, but then again most of the outfits in Henti 3D are suitable for stripping anyway.

The true to life club includes play areas you'll recognize from just about every peeler bar that ever existed: classic stripper pole, bar area, VIP lounge, gaming area, and a stage for bands... say what, have you ever seen a band at a stripclub?

In addition to this fantastic new play area, the sex game has an overhauled vid cap system that now apparently supports unlimited recording length.  Here's a full fun down of all new features:

  • New stripclub scene with 5 play areas
  • Classic stripper outfits for women and men
  • Urban chic hairstyles - think Jennifer Aniston's old look
  • Partially undressed look for the ladies
  • Unlimited vid cap recording length
  • Upgrade help and wiki systems
  • Improved in game menu system

One of the best sex games just keeps getting better.  You can pick up a free demo of Hentai 3D now by clicking the link below.  Existing users will receive the updated features automatically and can download new items from the in game store.

Hentai 3D - Stripclub 69

Link: Hentai 3D

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VSex Adds Support For Interactive FleshLight

VSex have added support for the Interactative FleshLight and VStroker.

VSex is an enhanced live adult web cam service, wherein viewers can control machines that fuck the models in real-time.  The machines are easily controllable with a mouse to vibrate, thrust, twist, and turn in perfect unison with the user's movements.  In effect, it's just about as close as you can get to real sex, without actually being there.

Now, for an even more realistic experience, users can connect their USB enbable FleshLight or VStroker and virtually fuck the models in real-time.  How close is this to real sex, pretty damn close if you ask us.  All models on the VSex site that are VSex enabled allow full vaginal penetration, and several we noticed also take it up the butt.

Other recent updates at VSex include the addition of new studios offering more models than ever, include one studio from Europe.  In addition, VSex is about to roll out their more portable machine so models working from home can get in on the action.

Whether you control the action with your mouse or get even more intimate with your FleshLight, this is an experience not to be missed.

VSex Anal Doggy

Link: VSex

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Interactive Sex Games Infographic

Sex Games Report in cooperation with The Virtual Sex Review is proud to present the first ever infographic for the Interactive Sex Games industry.

The infographic was compiled from a variety of data sources provided by Thrixxx Games, Quantcast, Compete, Wikipedia, Alexa, Top Ten Reviews and surveys performed by The Virtual Sex Review over the past 5 years.

The infographic is available here and also on The Virtual Sex Review website.  Click the image or link below for the full infographic.

Interactive Sex Games Infographic

Links: Interactive Sex Infographic

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