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AChat Virtual Sex & 3D Sex Game Launches

AChat is a new interactive sex game and chat service where you can have virtual 3D sex in real-time with real partners.  Much like Red Light Center, AChat provides fully rendered 3D environments, avatars, and an adult social networking experience.  Much like 3D Sexvilla, the graphics, animation, and sound effects are phenominal.

AChat is a straight to the point system for having virtual sex with anonymous partners online.  AChat offers basic accounts for free which includes a basic avatar, basic sexual positions, one play area, and the ability to have sex with as many real partners as you'd like.  Enhancements such as new positions, clothing & avatar customizations, and different play areas may be purchased seperately.  With thousands of customizations to soon be available you'll be able to live out the entire Karma Sutra with a different partner every night.

AChat offers a completely new sex games experience and is available now for download.

AChat Facial

Link: AChat

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Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review Present Interactive Sex Videos Infographic

TORONTO, ON - April 5, 2013 - Sex Games Report in conjunction with The Virtual Sex Review announced the presentation of an infographic on the history and future of interactive sex videos.

Data for the infographic was compiled from the Internet Adult Film Database, surveys, product reviews performed by The Virtual Sex Review and statistics from adult video retailers.

"From 1999 through 2007 Interactive Sex DVDs were great sellers," stated Ed, Managing Director for The Virtual Sex Review. "Unfortunately for the genre the competition to produce higher quality content dramatically increased production costs in 2007. That along with the introduction of free 'Tube' sites, popularization of the much cheaper to produce POV format and US economic crisis meant all but the end for the once popular format," added Ed.

Sex Games Report analyzed data various sources to produce the infographic that shows the rise and fall of the interactive sex format and covers key statistics and facts about the genre. The infographic also explains why the format may be set for a resurgence

The infographic is targeted to consumers interested in the interactive sex format.

The infographic is available at Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review

Sex Games Report is a media company established in 2010 that reports news for interactive sex games and related products. The Virtual Sex Review is a media company established in 2007 that writes reviews for adult games, interactive adult products and sex toys.

Interactive Sex Videos Infographic Teaser

An infographic by Sex Games Report Interactive Sex Videos

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Product Links: RealTouch | VStroker | Saboom | CD Universe

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ActiveDolls Launches

Pineapple Works has released their new sex game, ActiveDolls.  ActiveDolls offers a handful of premade beauties which you can modify in the dressing room.

You may then take your models on a photo shoot where they will pose in various positions and states of undress.  The game offers penatrative sex with toys and girl on girl (strap-on).  There are no male characters in ActiveDolls.

ActiveDolls will compete with other sex games SexVilla and Virtual Hottie.  The interactive sex game is available for download from the ActiveDolls website.

ActiveDolls Home Page

Link: ActiveDolls

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VirtuaGirl HD Now Available For MAC

VirtuaGirl HD is now available for MAC in addition to PC.  MAC users have few options when it comes to adult software so it is nice to see more sex games and particularly this top erotic applet and screen saver adopting the operating system.

MAC is making up a bigger proportion of the computer market and adult game producers have noticed. In addition to VirtuaGirl HD there are some other options out there including The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex, a very popular 3D Sex Game.

VirtuaGirl HD has been around on Windows for years and is the most popular applet and adult screen saver featuring hot strippers on your desk-top in HD video.  The product is slick, robust and boasts hundreds of girls in thousands of scenes from fully clothed SFW to fully nude NSFW scenes where ladies pleasure themselves.

Keep an eye out for more MAC adult games coming your way soon.  We are aware of several sex games in development using the Unity platform which supports all operating systems.  Given the release of VirtuaGirl HD for MAC we suspect that Totem's other product, DeskBabes cannot be far behind. Stay tuned for news on these exciting new products.

VirtuaGirl HD is free with available in-game upgrades that are completely optional.  Download your free copy for PC or MAC from the link below.

Caramel Candy Hot Ass

Link: VirtualGirl HD

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Red Light Center Previews New Platform

Red Light Center has released a video of their new upgraded MMO sex game platform and announced summer availability for existing users and 2015 for new users.

The new platform was developed from scratch and offers vastly improved graphics and animation. In addition, RLC claims the platform will feature small downloads, no crashes and Mac compatibility.

The new Red Light Center platform will leverage the new Curio "3D Browser Engine" that is in Alpha testing and will be sold for a variety of mainstream applications. 

Red Light Center faces new competition from 3DXChat (Sex Game Devil) and the upcoming Chathouse 3D (Thrixxx) so it remains to be seen how this upgrade will affect market share going forward.

Click through the screen shot or on the link below to view the video. Signup now for Red Light Center to avoid waiting until 2015 for the new platform.

Red Light Center New Platform Video

Link: Video Preview | Red Light Center

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Virtual EVE Launches

Eve Interactive has announced the launch of their interactive sex game, Virtual EVE.  Virtual EVE is all about the sex.  The new sex game offers two characters (man and woman) that are not customizable whatsoever.  There is no variety of locales to choose from; in fact there is only a completely white background.  There is also, no background music whatsoever.

Virtual EVE does provide is a wide variety of sexual positions, fully 360° controllable camera, and a sound track the offers up a lot of moaning and groaning.

Virtual EVE sex game is available for download now.

Virtual EVE screen shots

Link: Virtual EVE

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SexVilla Version 2.075 Released

Thrixxx has just released another update for their best selling interactive sex game, 3D Sexvilla, to version 2.075.  SexVilla is the best selling product amongst all sex games.

Major functionality released in this version is addition of fetish content.  Here's a further explanation of what's new:

  • Fursona costumes (furry animals) and "Yiff" role-play is supported
  • Customizable "Elf" or "Vulcan" fantasy ears
  • New "Kitchen" scene complete with cooking utensile fun
  • More accessories for both women and men
  • Usual assortment of bug fixes and tweaks

The update is free to download for all regular users and new functions are all included in new purchases.  Download 3D SexVilla 2.075.

SexVilla Fursona

Link: 3D SexVilla 2

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The Virtual Sex Review Launches Free Adult Games

The Virtual Sex Review (our sister site) has launched it's new free adult games section.  The new free adult games section can be easily accessed from it's own tab on the main page.  Currently the site only has three, albeit great, sex games in their offering: Satan VS Jesus, Legend of Porn, and Who Framed Jessica Rabbit.

More free adult games will be added each week so watch for this list to be huge in a few months.  At the same time, The Virtual Sex Review promises to ensure they host only the higest quality and variety of sex games available for your enjoyment.

All sex games offered will be provided in flash and will run in most popular browsers.  Jump on over to The Virtual Sex Review now to get your game on, and possibly even get yourself off.

The Virtual Sex Review Free Adult Games

Link: The Virtual Sex Review

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VSex Adds Support For Interactive FleshLight

VSex have added support for the Interactative FleshLight and VStroker.

VSex is an enhanced live adult web cam service, wherein viewers can control machines that fuck the models in real-time.  The machines are easily controllable with a mouse to vibrate, thrust, twist, and turn in perfect unison with the user's movements.  In effect, it's just about as close as you can get to real sex, without actually being there.

Now, for an even more realistic experience, users can connect their USB enbable FleshLight or VStroker and virtually fuck the models in real-time.  How close is this to real sex, pretty damn close if you ask us.  All models on the VSex site that are VSex enabled allow full vaginal penetration, and several we noticed also take it up the butt.

Other recent updates at VSex include the addition of new studios offering more models than ever, include one studio from Europe.  In addition, VSex is about to roll out their more portable machine so models working from home can get in on the action.

Whether you control the action with your mouse or get even more intimate with your FleshLight, this is an experience not to be missed.

VSex Anal Doggy

Link: VSex

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Velvet Express Launches

Arkmunk games has just released their new interactive sex game Velvet Express.  The game, set in the 1930's, takes place aboard a vintage train.  Your male character will make his way from car to car meeting a variety of hot, and often exotic, babes.  The game is beautifully rendered and offers one of the best music scores we've heard.

The sexual positions are Karma Sutra like and the action is great.  Overall the game is more erotic than hardcore, and quite a pleasure to play.

The innovative sex game is available for download immediately.

Velvet Express Sex Machine

Link: Velvet Express

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