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Webmaster Programs:


Here are the best converting advertising programs we use on Sex Games Report. After a lot of experimentation we've found these to be the most reputable, and most profitable. All of these sponsors offer revenue share programs which pay the best over the long haul. All also have excellent customer service departments. 

Converts well on virtually any type of adult site


Link Exchange Requests:

Hard Links:

We accept PERMANENT or "HARD" link exchanges with sites offering the following content: adult games, virtual or interactive sex products and services, adult oriented blogs and forums, adult art or cartoon sites, and appropriate top lists.

For a basic link exchange, where our link will appear on one page of your site we will place your reciprocal link in the appropriate section of our links pages (coming soon).

For a site wide link exchange, where our link will appear on every page of your site we will place your reciprocal link in the "Friends" list that appears on every page of our site. You will get a nice Search Engine rankings boost! To qualify you must have a large adult game site with good pagerank and reasonable amount of traffic.

Please contact us to request a link exchange.


TopList Links (coming soon):

If you want to be in our TopList "Sites We Like" on THIS site click here (coming soon) to exchange links. Please note that you must continue to send us quality traffic to appear in the list. This list appears on every page of our site. The more traffic you send us the more often you will appear in the list; and hence get more traffic back.



If you would like to use the banner below instead of, or in addition to a text link, feel free to download and host it from your site, or hot link to it.

Sex Games Report

Top Adult Games Banner Exchange:

In addition to this site we also run Top Adult Games Top List which is another great source for highly targetted traffic. Sign up is free and as long as you keep sending traffic you will get free traffic in return; usually more than you send.


Product News Requests & Suggestions:

We are interested in reporting news on any product or service relating to Interactive Sex Games & Products. Currently our categories include: Blogs & Other Sites, Interactive Sex Products, Sex Games, Strip Games, and other Industry News..

If you are the producer or reseller of a product:

Please use the contact us form to submit a brief description of your product and include your url and email address. You must be prepared to ship a sample to us (we are located in Toronto, Canada) or, in the case of software, to provide us with a fully functioning version for trial purposes.

If you saw a product you think we should review:

Please use the contact us form to submit a brief description of the product and include a url, and your email address in case we have trouble with the link you provided.


RSS Feed for Your Site:

Would you like to put our news on your own site? It's easy, our XML feed can be hot linked at In order to qualify you must comply legally with all requirements for redistributing adult content. We request, also, that you place an "adult content" warning on your site.

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