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VStroker Adds Support For More Content

VStroker now operates with over a dozen different interactive content offerings.  The VStroker is a USB adapter/software for your PC that attaches to any FleshLight.  Opposite to the RealTouch, which mechanically simulates on screen motions, VStroker senses your motions within the FleshLight, and instantly reproduces them on screen in real-time.  In the case of interactive web cams, dildos can be manipulated in real-time.

Here's are run down of the content list and applicable applications:

  • VStroker Online - Games & Videos
  • Thrixxx products (SexVilla, Hentai 3D, etc.) - 3D Sex Games
  • 3D SexLife - 3D Sex Game
  • Utherverse Red Light Center - Adult MMORPG
  • Active Dolls - 3D Sex Game
  • WebCamClub - Web Cam Girls/Guys
  • Porn 3D - 3D Porn
  • Hentai Movie Planet - XXX Hentai Videos
  • VSex - Web Cam Girls

In addition, VStroker has announced they will be supporting and shortly.

VStroker is available as a stand alone adapter for FleshLight owners, or as a package (including FleshLight). Both packages include a 7-day subscription to VStroker's own online content.

VStroker Anal Scene

Links: VStroker | FleshLight | RealTouch

VStroker Adds Support For More Content
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