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SexVilla Version 2.084 Released

Thrixxx has released an update (version 2.082) of 3D Sexvilla interactive sex game.  The minor update is available for download now by all existing subscribers of 3D Sexvilla, 3D Lesbian, and Fetish 3D.

Here's a run down of the new features:

  • New Prison & Interrogation room, outfits, and toys
  • 250+ new girl voice-over clips from new actresses
  • Content Management System to keep downloaded content organized
  • PoseEdit "Advanced" mode added
  • New tattoos
  • Handful of tweaks and bug fixes

Thrixxx sex games just keep getting better and better.

SexVilla Jail Scene

Link: 3D Sexvilla

SexVilla Version 2.084 Released
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