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AChat Virtual Sex & 3D Sex Game Launches

AChat is a new interactive sex game and chat service where you can have virtual 3D sex in real-time with real partners.  Much like Red Light Center, AChat provides fully rendered 3D environments, avatars, and an adult social networking experience.  Much like 3D Sexvilla, the graphics, animation, and sound effects are phenominal.

AChat is a straight to the point system for having virtual sex with anonymous partners online.  AChat offers basic accounts for free which includes a basic avatar, basic sexual positions, one play area, and the ability to have sex with as many real partners as you'd like.  Enhancements such as new positions, clothing & avatar customizations, and different play areas may be purchased seperately.  With thousands of customizations to soon be available you'll be able to live out the entire Karma Sutra with a different partner every night.

AChat offers a completely new sex games experience and is available now for download.

AChat Facial

Link: AChat

AChat Virtual Sex & 3D Sex Game Launches
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