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iStripper Launched By Totem Core

Totem Core, makers of the popular erotic software VirtuaGirl HD and Deskbabes, have launced iStripper for PC and MAC.

The new "strippers on your desktop" application represents a major update for VirtualGirl HD and Deskbabes, as well as a rebranding.

iStripper integrates the softcore content of VirtuaGirl HD and hardcore lesbian content of Deskbabes into one product. Furthermore, iStripper is offered in UHD 4K resolution, as compared with 1080p in earlier products.

The new adult software offers a fresh interface with better design charactristics, more features, and easier to use GUI. At this juncture, over 600 videos are available in UHD, with another 600 or so available in 1080p.

Check out The Virtual Sex Review for a full iStripper adult game video review.

iStripper is available now as a free download with over a thousand free shows. Nude and XXX shows can be purchased from about $2 each.

iStripper Strap-On

Link: iStripper

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DreamStripper Perfect 10 Preorders Available

Ensign Games is readying the launch of their major upgrade to DreamStripper. The latest version, dubbed DreamStripper Perfect 10 is now available for preorder at various levels from as little as $5 for a VIP DreamStripper Desktop wallpaper to $175 for a huge game package and invitation to the P10 launch party in Austin Texas.

The new 3D Stripper will offer a ton of upgrades, here's a quick run down:

  • New Breast Physics
  • Variable Breast Size
  • Support for PC, MAC and Android
  • New Dancers with Rag Doll Physics
  • New Outfits
  • New Club

Preorders at $39.99 and above will be be signed up as a Beta tester for DreamStripper Perfect 10. Ensign hasn't yet announced a release date for DreamStripper Perfect 10 but you can bet we'll report it as soon as they do. More information and pricing for preorders is available at the link below.  

DreamStripper Perfect 10 Customization

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DeskBabes Launches

Totem has just launched it's new "DeskBabes - girls making out on your desktop" product. The new product, offers a very high resolution large format desktop widget that displays two girls making out, and doing much more than making out too.  Like Virtualgirl HD, DeskBabes offers a huge variety of models and scenes to choose from and tons of configurable options.  As an added bonus, DeskBabes also comes with a screensaver.

Totem has, once again, outdone itself with yet another amazing product.  DeskBabes is available as a free download now.

DeskBabes home page

Link: DeskBabes

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Strip Kittens Launches

MW Group has just launched their totally revamped Strip Kittens strip game.  Originally released in 2004 the program has been completely revamped.

Strip Kittens offers full screen 3D rendered babes dancing in various states of undress in a disco.  You can control the camera angle and import your own mp3 music.

A free demo of the strip game is available for download.

Strip Kittens Nude

Link: Strip Kittens

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3D Stripper Launches

3D Stripper has just been launched.  The virtual strip game offers fully rendered 3d strippers dancing in various states of undress for your pleasure.  Unlike Virtuagirl HD, 3D Stripper is a full sceen fully interactive gaming experience.

The strip game can be customized with different outfits, lighting effects, and you can provide your own sound track.  3D Stripper is available for download now and a free demo version is offered.

3D Stripper

Link: 3D Stripper

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VirtuaGirl HD Launches

Totem has released a major upgrade to its VirtuaGirl 2 strip game. The new product, VirtuaGirl HD, offers dramatically enhanced graphics resolution and much smoother animation. In addition, the user interface has been revamped and upgraded with many new features.

The product now boasts hundreds of different down-loadable strippers. With this launch, VirtualGirl HD becomes the defacto leader in strip games.  VirtuaGirl HD can be downloaded for free below.

VirtualGirl HD

Link: VirtualGirl HD

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