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Sex Games - Updates

EGirl Announces Versions 1.7 and 2.0

EGirl Interactive has announced development of two new versions of their popular sex game.  In a perplexing move, the company has announced two separate upcoming versions of EGirl, version 1.7 and 2.0.

It has been a few years since EGirl even received a minor update so fans will be delighted to receive a new major release.  As it turns out, version 1.7 will really be an early Beta with a smaller feature set of version 2.0.  Here's what version 2.0 will eventually offer:

  • a male character for one on one heterosexual sex
  • more girls... no word on how many more
  • highly improved graphics and more realistic animation (perhaps with motion capture)
  • multiple girls on screen (and presumably male characters as well since it takes two to tango)
  • improved game play and more interactive features
  • addition of selectable clothing and toys
  • improved performance

There is currently no street date for either new version of EGirl.  We'll be sure to announce the launch as soon as it happens so check back with us or grab one of our feeds to stay up to date.

eGirl Semi Nude

Link: EGirl

Sex Games - Updates
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Hentai 3D Version 2.113 Released

Thrixxx has announced another upgrade to the Hentai 3D sex game.  In Hentai 3D version 2.113, Thrixxx has added a hundred foot long yacht to the long and ever growing list of play areas.  Moreover, the yacht can be fully customized and includes appropriate matching his and hers outfits for the occasion.  At the same time, Thrixxx has significantly upgraded their pose editor utility for all sex games.

Version 2.113 of Hentai 3D includes the following new features:

  • Yachting play area with multiple locations including hot-tub
  • Yachting outfits, upscale bathing suits and dresses for ladies, appropriate clothes for him
  • New scene texture modding
  • Inverted bob for ladies and messy hair style for gents

If what's offered in Hentai 3D or SexVilla 3D sex games isn't satisying enough you should head on over to Gamerotica, where over 88,000 user made enhancements are available for free.

Hentai 3D 2 Cream Pie & Facial

Link: Hentai 3D

Sex Games - Updates
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SexVilla Version 2.111 Released

Thrixxx has released another update to it's best selling sex game, 3D SexVilla. In the latest incarnation, Sexvilla version 2.111, you can get it on onboard your very own yacht.  The yacht is a stunner, includes a hot tub up front, and by our estimates at least 100 feet long.  

Your yacht can be totally customized to suit your taste using the Thrixxx texture mapping tools.  To perfectly set the scene 3D SexVilla updates also include his and hers yachting hairsytles, upscale bathing suits for the ladies, and a yachting outfit for him.

As fans of boating, we here as Sex Games Report feel this is a perfect upgrade with fine weather just around the corner.

The yachting upgrades are downloadable at the 3D SexVilla online store.

Sexvilla Yacht

Links: 3D SexVilla

Sex Games - Updates
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AChat Virtual Sex & 3D Sex Game Hits 200,000 Members

AChat interactive sex game and chat service now has well over 200,000 members, as a matter of fact there are 233,384 exactly as at the time of publishing this story.

The very successful adult service allows users to have virtual 3D sex in real-time with other members. AChat offers fully rendered 3D environments and very high quality avatars and animations.  With a nearly unlimited variety of customizations, environments, and sexual actions/postions, AChat is extremely popular.

AChat offers a fully functioning free edition with basic sexual positions and no limits on the number of partners you may hook up with.  Upgrades are available for a small fee.

AChat offers a completely new sex games experience and is available now for download.

AChat Threesome

Link: AChat

Sex Games - Updates
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Hentai 3D Version 2.107 Released

Thrixxx has launced a major update for one of it's premier sex games, Hentai 3D. In addition to the usual content updates Thrixxx has also revamped their pose editor with many new features to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of their Gamerotica social network site.  

Version 2.107 of Hentai 3D includes the following new features:

  • Sex Camp play area
  • Casual and Outdoor texture packs (clothing)
  • Hair "bangs"
  • Keyboard number pad speed controls
  • Full support for OGG formatted audio files
  • Improved texture files with multiple layers
  • Major server upgrades to facilitate faster upgrades and other downloads

In a seperate upgrade all Thrixxx sex games have the following pose editor enhancements:

  • Toy animations... can be manipulated by models
  • Edit default poses
  • In room pose editing
  • Visual manipulator to rotate joints
  • Key frame editing

Existing Thirixxx clients will recieve the upgrades automatically when they launch any of the sex games.Thrixxx Default Pose Editor

Link: Hentai 3D

Sex Games - Updates
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Red Light Center Membership Swells To 6 Million

Red Light Center membership has exceeded 6 million users.  To put that into perspective, that's about the population of Toronto Canada, the 7th biggest city in North America.  Touted as the only true adult MMOPRG, the online sex game launched in 2006 and offers a safe virtual environment for sexual exploration. The tremendous growth in user base is a testament to the popularity of Red Light Center, and interactive sex games in general.  Unlike other popular sex games such as SexVilla and BoneTown, RLC let's users have virtual sex with other people.

Some major features of Red Light Center include:

  • Ultra realistic 3D environment based on city of Amsterdam
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Virtually limitless range of fully rendered sex acts and positions
  • "Utherverse" social network - meet for real
  • Virtual adult theaters, bars, sex clubs, and more
  • Build and own your own virtual home or buiness
  • Community event calendar and forum

Red Light Center offers a free basic membership for their sex game.

Red Light Center Lesbian Double Dildo

Link: Red Light Center

Sex Games - Updates
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