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Hentai 3D Version 2.120 Released

Hentai 3D Version 2.120 has been released by Thrixxx.  Ordinarily when Thrixxx updates one of their sex games it includes a new play area and associated clothing, plus some new functionality and bug fixes.  This time around is a little different as this version of Hentai 3D includes a number of performance improvements and better functionality.

Rather than offering a new play area, version 1.120 of Hentai 3D includes a new sequencer "room" which allows you to script a series of scenes including location, clothing, state of undress, camera angle, and sexual positions.  The application works similar to Apple's Final Cut video editing software.  Ever wanted to be a porn director, here's your chance.

Another great new feature, which goes hand in hand with the sequencer is the ability to review photos and video clips without having to leave the action.  Also, outfits are now automatically saved between rooms so you won't have to start all over again.

Lastly, the preeminent sex game includes a handful of bug fixes, most importantly improved uploading to the Gamerotica social media site.

Thrixxx has really listened to their clients and this new update reflects it well.  The Hentai 3D V2.120 update will install automatically for subscribers.  You can pick up the sequencer from the in-game store.  If you're interested in learning more about Hentai 3D click the image or link below for the home page.

Hentai 3D Sequencer Blowjob

Link: Hentai 3D

Sex Games - Updates
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SexVilla Version 2.120 Released

Thrixxx games has released another minor update to their number one selling sex game 3D Sexvilla 2. Typically Thrixxx announces a new edition whenever they add a new play area.  Not so with version 2.120, as while they are offering a new "room" it's not a "room" in the traditional sense.  A simple explanation is that this "room" called the "sequencer" really just links together poses, camera angles, wardrobe, and other actions along a user configurable time scale.  This effectively means you can seemlessly move between several actions while remaining hands off.  

In support of this new feature outfits are now auto saved between rooms, or are essentialy independant of rooms.  This means an outfit you develop for use in one room can now be used anywhere.

Another great new feature is in-game media browsing.  We love this upgrade, as it means you can now shoot as many films/photos as you want and you don't have to leave the room to checkout your handy work... a great time saver!

Other minor tweaks include more home country selections for character bios and a handful of bug fixes, most notebly improvements to uploading of content to Gamerotica.

The new update will be installed automatically the next time you run SexVilla.  If you want more details on the update or general information on this best selling sex game you can click on the picture or the link below for the 3D Sexvilla home page.

Sexvilla 2 - Sequencer

Links: 3D SexVilla

Sex Games - Updates
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Hentai 3D Version 2.119 Released

Thrixxx has updated it's premium sex game Hentai 3D to version 2.119.  As is their custom new updates include a new play, new clothing, new customizations, new features, and the usual bug fixes.

This latest incarnation the long awaited stripclub locale, including vintage outfits from the 70's, 50's, and 20's eras.  Frankly we are a little dissapointed at the lack of modern outfits, but then again most of the outfits in Henti 3D are suitable for stripping anyway.

The true to life club includes play areas you'll recognize from just about every peeler bar that ever existed: classic stripper pole, bar area, VIP lounge, gaming area, and a stage for bands... say what, have you ever seen a band at a stripclub?

In addition to this fantastic new play area, the sex game has an overhauled vid cap system that now apparently supports unlimited recording length.  Here's a full fun down of all new features:

  • New stripclub scene with 5 play areas
  • Classic stripper outfits for women and men
  • Urban chic hairstyles - think Jennifer Aniston's old look
  • Partially undressed look for the ladies
  • Unlimited vid cap recording length
  • Upgrade help and wiki systems
  • Improved in game menu system

One of the best sex games just keeps getting better.  You can pick up a free demo of Hentai 3D now by clicking the link below.  Existing users will receive the updated features automatically and can download new items from the in game store.

Hentai 3D - Stripclub 69

Link: Hentai 3D

Sex Games - Updates
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SexVilla Version 2.117 Released

As the weather outside cools down Thrixxx heats things up with a new update of the number one selling interactive sex game 3D Sexvilla 2.  In the latest incarnation, version 2.117, Sexvilla gets a great new locale replete with appropriate outfits, the ability to record full-length video clips, and some welcome upgrades to the graphical user interface.

The new location is what else but a strip club; what were they waiting for?  This full size club offers 5 different play areas and borrows designs from thousands of clubs located world wide.  There's a traditional stripper stage with pole, a bar, lounge, pool table, games area, and even a stage for a band; I somehow doubt a band will ever show up at this joint but you never know.  If you want to see some retro stripper action check out the newly available 20's style flapper girl or 50's style Bette Page outfits.

Up until this version you could only record very short clips of your sex games.  In this release there are no restrictions on video length, a huge bonus for those that like to trade content on Gamerotica.

3D Sexvilla v2.117 has newly organized menus and better built in help which is just the ticket for newbies and those of us that like fewer clicks to get where we're going.

Here's a quick list of all the new features:

  • New strip club scene with 5 unique play areas
  • New stripper outfits
  • A pants on the ground (that never gets old) look for the male models
  • Urban Chic hairstyle
  • Full length video recording
  • Major improvements to online help system
  • Upgraded menu system

This update is available now and will download automatically for all existing users.  Click the image or link below to get your own subscription to 3D SexVilla.

Sexvilla Strip Club

Links: 3D SexVilla

Sex Games - Updates
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Hentai 3D Version 2.116 Released

Hentai 3D by Thrixxx, has received another minor update.  In version 2.116 of this market leading sex game new doctor's office play areas and clothing as been added along with some other tweaks and bug fixes.  The doctor's office has four distinct areas for play including reception, exam room, rubber room, and psychiatrist's couch.

More importantly this update includes the new FaceMate module, also available in the latest edition of 3D Sexvilla.  FaceMate allows users to import photos and convert them into fully 3D rendered faces for the models.  This great features opens many possibilities such as creating models of your favorite porn star, schoolmate, or bartender (assuming you have their photo of course).

The Hentai 3D v2.116 sex game update will be installed automatically the next time you launch the application.  A full list of new features is available on the 3D Hentai website;click the photo or link below to make the jump.

Hentai 3D Doctor's Office Exam Room

Link: Hentai 3D

Sex Games - Updates
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SexVilla Version 2.114 Released

Just in time for summer Thrixxx has released another major update for 3D Sexvilla, it's number one selling sex game.

Like most major updates, version 2.114 includes a brand new play area and associated content.  The new locale is the Doctor's Office repleat with Reception, Isolation Cell, Physciatry, and my personal favorite, Padded Room.  In addition to the new area, new doctor and nurse outfits are available.

In even bigger news, 3D Sexvilla is now available with Thrixxx's new FaceMate utility for importing your own photos.  This fantastic tool allows you to create a new model based on virtually anybody's face.  Want to upload a few shots of your girlfriend and make her do all those nasty and kinky things she's always refused to do, no problem!  Maybe you just wonder what your wife would look like with DDD boobs, no problem! Want to bang that oh so sexy celeb, no problem!  Want to import your own image and make the male character a dead ringer, no problem!  Thrixxx has outdone themselves with this new capability, and have assured their sex game dominance for years to come.

Here's a run down of all the updates in 3D Sexvilla Version 2.114:

  • New Doctor's Office with 4 distinct play areas
  • Doctor and Nurse outfits
  • FaceMate utility to create models from your own imported photos
  • New textures for modding Doctor's Office, Doctor, Nurse, and The Loft
  • Two new hairstyles
  • few minor bug fixes

This update is available and will download automatically for all existing users.  Click the image or link below to get your own subscription to 3D SexVilla.

3D SexVilla Face Maker

Links: 3D SexVilla

Sex Games - Updates
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