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Sex Games - Updates

3DXChat Website Launched

Sex Game Devil has launched a new 3DXChat website for their adult MMO that until just recently was in beta.

The new interactive sex game is akin to Utherverse's Red Light Center as it allows people, among other things, to login and have virtual sex with other players using 3D avatars. While the sex game is still fairly basic it includes all the essential ingredients for a great adult MMO.

Players can customize the look and outfits for their avatar as well as decorate their own in game apartment or simply go to the club and party. Sex Game Devil has been releasing new features and content several times a week as the game starts to take shape.

While graphics and animation are still somewhat buggy the resolution and detail are at least one generation newer than that offered by Red Light Center; worth pointing out that RLC has announced they will be releasing a new game engine shortly.

3DXChat already supports both the VStroker and Oculus VR devices for an ultra realistic experience. Below you'll see a "world tour" video that's SFW. Hop over to the site (link below) to see NSFW content including hardcore sex shots.

3DXChat is available as a monthly subscription starting at less than $8/month... hmm Netflix or 3DXChat?

Link: 3DXChat

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VirtualFem Version 3.15 Released

Version 3.15 of the interactive sex game VirtualFem has been released. The latest update doesn't add any new functionality but does squish a few minor bugs.

Like always VirtualFem has released a new female model each month.  Since our last status update in June here are the new babes by month (major pornstars in bold):

  • Angel Long - January
  • Delilah Strong - December 
  • Aubrey Adams - November
  • Kristina Rose - October 
  • Lindsay Meadows - September
  • Kelly Wells - August 
  • Rebecca Linares - July (pictured below)

All members have full access to the catalog of babes in regular and HD plus many models come with bonus photo galleries. If you cancel your membership you will no longer be able to get the newly released models but will always have access to software updates and previously released content.

VirtualFem is an immersive sex game that puts you in control of a wide range of babes including some of the biggest names in porn.  Click the image or link below to sign up now.

Rebecca Linares VirtualFem Anal

Link: VirtualFem

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SexVilla Version 2.153 Released

Thrixxx has released a new upgrade for 3D SexVilla 2 just in time for Christmas. Like most updates this one includes tons of goodies for the top selling interactive sex game.

3D SexVilla 2 version 2.153 comes with a beautifully designed Asian themed bedroom, two new female models, more new hairdos, more new tats, more toys and new mod packs for the jail and the jet.

The new bedroom has Geisha inspired silk scrolls, rice paper walls, decorative lanterns, straw floors and is perfect in every minute detail.

New model Malila is native American and hot hot hot! With a fit tanned body and ample breasts she's sure to be fun.Ginny has a bob style haircut and is a bit of a mystery but we bet she's a good lay.

The new toy pack is loaded with lots of good paddles for the BDSM lover in everyone.

Here's a quick run down on all the new stuff:

  • New Asian style bedroom play area
  • Malila and Ginny female models
  • Two new hairdos
  • Paddle whack pack (4 new ones)
  • 10 new tats for boobs
  • Mod texture packs for hair, jet, jail and hentai classroom

With cold weather on the way it is time to sit back and enjoy and little personal time indoors with 3D SexVilla 2. If you already have the game you can access all the new goodies in the Sex Shop; otherwise what are you waiting for? Get your FREE copy by clicking the screen shot or link below.

3D SexVilla 2 Asian Bedroom 69

Links: 3D SexVilla 2

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SexVilla Version 2.150 Released

The latest version of 3D SexVilla 2 has been released by Thrixxx.  Thrixxx has shamelessly leveraged Game of Thrones' popularity in naming the release "Winter is coming."

The newest play are, the ski chalet, offers a respite from the cold outdoors and comes complete with two new snow bunny models. Fenfang from Hong Kong is a short haired, stylish petite Asian babe while Rebecca is a buxom blonde hailing from the UK.

As usual the new update includes clothing appropriate for the new locale and a handful of other additions. Here's a list of everything included in the latest 3D sex game version:

  • Mountain Side Ski Chalet play area
  • Ski clothing and matching undergarments
  • Fenfang and Rebecca models
  • Euro inspired hair styles
  • New tattoo pack for ankle, back and neck 
  • New jewelry pack with earring and necklace combos
  • Mod packs for the chalet, classroom, winter outfits and new hair textures

While we all await the highly anticipated release of 3D SexVilla 3 we can at least enjoy these regular new content roll-outs from Thrixxx. 3D SexVilla 2 is a top selling 3D sex game and is free to download and play. Click on the image or link below for more info.

3D SexVilla 2 Chalet Lesbians

Links: 3D SexVilla 2

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Game Devil Adds Oculus Rift & VStroker Support To 3DXChat

Sex Game Devil has announced they now have support in 3DXChat for both the Oculus VR and VStroker. 3DXChat is a new adult oriented MMO sex game. The sex game allows users to connect virtually in 3D for socializing and sex online.

The game which we had a first look at back in December has come a long way from the buggy one room (play area) mess that it was initiallly. 3DXChat now features the ability to dance at a club, get a table dance at the strip bar, hang out on the beach and of course have sex in a variety of positions. In the adult game you can connect with real singles or hook up with an AI controlled avatar for hot sex.

The Oculus VR device is a headset that renders a 3D world around you - yes real virtual reality (though that's an oxymoron). Sex Devil claims 3DXChat is the first sex game to support the yet to be released device. Thrixxx has had a demo of the device working with 3D SexVilla 2 for several months though it is just a demo and not available to subscribers yet.

The VStroker is an attachment for the Fleshlight sex stroker toy for men. When connected to the Fleshlight the VStroker tracks the speed of your thrusting and syncs it with adult videos and sex games. The result is a new type of controller you use with your penis.

With integration of both devices 3DXChat is one step ahead of competitors like Red Light Center and 3DSex in realizing a truly interactive sex game experience. Of course, since the Oculus VR isn't yet avaialble it's hard to say what sex games will support it when it hits the shelves a few months from now.

3DXChat subscriptions are avaialble now for as little as $7.66/month (1-year committment). Click the link below teh video for more information and to register.

Link: 3DXChat

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SexVilla Version 2.147 Released

Thrixxx has released a new major update for 3D SexVilla 2 way ahead of their usual schedule of 2-3 months. It was just 6 weeks ago that we enjoyed the addition of the "Back Alley" play area and models Oxana and Monica.

Attempting to heat things up this summer the last incarnation of the popular 3D sex game includes not one but two new locales for getting it on. First up is the Japanese Banzai Garden of Desire. The garden offers a number of great Zen like locations for having sex outside; just as you should in the summer months. In addition, Thrixxx has released (without announcing) a new Office play area. We've all had fantasies of banging our coworker in the broom closet, now's your chance!

As usual the update includes new models and this time around they're outstanding though perhaps incorrectly described. In the news release the two new blonde beauties are described as both being from Sweden yet their profile cards show Nilla is from France and Jacqueline from the US. In any event we don't really care, they are both twenty something smoking hot bi-sexual blondes.

As if that's not enough there are tons of other great updates worth noting.  Here's a quick bullet list of the goodies:

  • Garden of Desire play area
  • Office play area
  • Nilla French model
  • Jacqueline American model
  • Two new hairdos
  • Four new fetish toys you can use for whacking action
  • 10 new tattoos
  • Russian accent English voices
  • Toy editor enhancements
  • Wider gaping for you anal lovers

We were pleasantly surprised to see this great update coming just 6 weeks after the last one. With cooler summer temperatures and some rainy days ahead here's something to warm up your summer nights.

If you already have 3D SexVilla 2 you will receive your update automatically and can pick up the new items in the online sex store. If you don't have a copy you can download one for free at the link below.

SexVilla Nilla and Jacqueline

Links: 3D SexVilla 2

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