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Internext/AEE Trade Show Round Up

We've just returned from 6 days at the premier adult industry show in Vegas; well two shows to be precise. Internext is a conference dedicated to web production and content distribution. AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) is an industry and consumer show for all things adult. This was a perfect opportunity to meet with virtually all the major sex game producers and interactive products providers. We took in seminars, met with vendors, checked out the trade show and partied with porn stars including the infamous Ron Jeremy. Over the next few weeks we'll be reporting on over a dozen major announcements.

Here's a sneak peek. First we can say that the major trend in 2012 will be integration. Many game makers will be adopting new input and output devices and likewise many device manufacturers will be integrating with new media; games, cams and video.

Thrixxx games is hard at work on new Version 3.0 products. The graphics and animation demo absolutely blew us away! They demonstrated new advanced body meshes, super high quality texture detail and body tuning controls, advanced adjustable lighting with shadows, hair that is adjustable by length and moves with the models, physics and inverse kinematics for touch and soft tissue deformation, and advanced position to position mocap animation abilities. The new products provide more sex-sim detail than ever before. That's not all, many more goodies will be disclosed in our full story.

VStroker is readying their new wireless version for shipping in February. They have inked an exclusive web cam deal with Top Notch Cams. We were invited for a private behind the scenes demo that wowed us. With this gear you can virtually fuck cam girls with your FleshLight in real-time!  VStroker has also announced you will be able to use the device synced with real video; we're scheduling a demo and will report more details soon.  Look for upcoming stories on both VStroker and Top Notch Cams in the near future.

Not to be outdone, Real Touch was on hand demonstrating their Real Touch Joystick (see the new website below) that can be used by web girls to virtually fuck you... note the major distinction between this and the VStroker (the input and output devices are reversed between the guy and girl). Real Touch has confirmed a ship date of, you heard it here first, February 1st! If you already have your Real Touch you'll need to wait just one more week, if not you can order your device now and have it just in time for launch.  It'll be interesting to see which of these devices gets more traction... but heck we say why not buy both.RealTouch Interactive

D-Dub was on hand demonstrating their new, just released, BoneCraft adventure sex game. We must admit it looked a lot better on the huge displays in the booth than it did during our beta evaluation. Plans for the future include some downloadable content and a character editor.  Look for an update to the review on our sister site, The Virtual Sex Review soon.

We were invited to check out a presentation of Saboom, a truly interactive POV video site that goes way further than any interactive DVD can. Though they are just launching they already have 250 hours of smoking hot video, 6,000 scenes, and a whopping 26,000 user decision points... see what we're saying about interactive.

Finally, we stopped at the Blue City Pictures booth. This new player is dedicated to producing HD quality VOD in 3D for both active and passive technologies. The trailer reel looked amazing.

We'll be disclosing many more details in the weeks to come so check back often. Furthermore we have made arrangements with every vendor above for samples/demos and will be writing full reviews to appear on The Virtual Sex Review as each product launches.  Links for products and sites that are already live appear below.

Links: Sexvilla | VStroker | Real Touch | BoneCraft | SaboomThe Virtual Sex Review 

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BoneCraft Available For Pre-Order

D-Dub's highly anticipated adventure sex game BoneCraft is now available for pre-order.  The game officially launches on January 12th but you can pre-order the game starting today.

BoneCraft is discounted from the regular launch price of US$39.99 to $34.99 for pre-orders plus pre-order customers get C3P-HO (a golden sexbot) and the Golden Fist as an extra incentive.  Most importantly, pre-order customers may also sign up for a an open beta key!

BoneCraft is a space-fantasy adventure parody game with hardcore pornographic elements.  Unlike most other sex games, BoneCraft offers a fully immersive gaming experience similar to the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto series.

With fantastic graphics, animation, humour, gameplay, and most importantly graphic sex BoneCraft is expected to be an even bigger success than D-Dub's first game, BoneTown.

We will have coverage of the launch in January and a full sex game review on our sister site The Virtual Sex Review.  Click here to pre-order BoneCraft

Link: BoneCraft

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Venus Hostage Launched

Sex Game Devil has just launched their new Adventure Sex Game Venus Hostage for Windows.  In Venus Hostage you play an unnamed protagonist that's kidnapped and held hostage by a beautiful dominatrix. Your goal is to escape and then also free the beautiful and sultry woman you met just before blacking out.

The sex game is a first person adventure that offers a mix of quest, physical puzzles and first person shooter action.  The erotic game is beautifully animated with well integrated cut scenes including some racy R rated sex action (no hardcore porn here).

The game is produced by Mirage-lab in Russia and licensed for sale by Sex Game Devil whom already offers a great array of sex games.  Venus Hostage is available for download now at $9.95 or as a 5 game bundle that includes Nemo's Whores for just $24.95.  Click the links below for more info or to buy now.

Link: Venus Hostage | Sex Game Devil Bundle

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The Virtual Sex Review Launches Free Adult Games

The Virtual Sex Review (our sister site) has launched it's new free adult games section.  The new free adult games section can be easily accessed from it's own tab on the main page.  Currently the site only has three, albeit great, sex games in their offering: Satan VS Jesus, Legend of Porn, and Who Framed Jessica Rabbit.

More free adult games will be added each week so watch for this list to be huge in a few months.  At the same time, The Virtual Sex Review promises to ensure they host only the higest quality and variety of sex games available for your enjoyment.

All sex games offered will be provided in flash and will run in most popular browsers.  Jump on over to The Virtual Sex Review now to get your game on, and possibly even get yourself off.

The Virtual Sex Review Free Adult Games

Link: The Virtual Sex Review

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BoneTown - Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 Mini Game Launches

D-Dub is now offering a free mini sex game all about Tiger Woods' sexual exploits.  In Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 you'll be able to beat up golfers, get drunk, and bang porn stars.  With the same great graphics, animation, sounds, and gameplay as the full BoneTown interactive sex game, this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  You can download this free now, and don't forget to pick up your copy of BoneTown, one of the world's best sex games.

Tiger Woods Affairs Tour 2010

Link: Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010

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Cutie3D Launches

Soma Vision has announced the release of their new interactive sex game Cutie 3D.  The new web-based role playing sex game uses the Unity Game Engine to dramatically improve performance over Soma's previous sex games.

The goal in Cutie 3D is to escape the slums of Auberville by selling drugs, pimping whores, or doing whatever else you can to make a buck.  A free fully playable demo of Cutie 3D is available right inside your browser.  Cutie 3D is just the latest in a long line of sex games from Soma.

Cutie 3D Doggie

Link: 3D Cutie

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