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EGirl Announces Versions 1.7 and 2.0

EGirl Interactive has announced development of two new versions of their popular sex game.  In a perplexing move, the company has announced two separate upcoming versions of EGirl, version 1.7 and 2.0.

It has been a few years since EGirl even received a minor update so fans will be delighted to receive a new major release.  As it turns out, version 1.7 will really be an early Beta with a smaller feature set of version 2.0.  Here's what version 2.0 will eventually offer:

  • a male character for one on one heterosexual sex
  • more girls... no word on how many more
  • highly improved graphics and more realistic animation (perhaps with motion capture)
  • multiple girls on screen (and presumably male characters as well since it takes two to tango)
  • improved game play and more interactive features
  • addition of selectable clothing and toys
  • improved performance

There is currently no street date for either new version of EGirl.  We'll be sure to announce the launch as soon as it happens so check back with us or grab one of our feeds to stay up to date.

eGirl Semi Nude

Link: EGirl

Products In Development
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D-Dub Releases BoneCraft Trailer & Gameplay Videos

D-Dub has publically released the first gameplay videos for it's upcoming and highly anticipated BoneCraft sex game.  

The gameplay video is available in short (1:02 minute) and long (2:26 minute) formats and features an epic battle between Captain Fort Worth's men and a variety of Orc combatants. The videos are available on YouTube and the BoneCraft website in up to 720p HD format. Neither version of the video contains nudity or any inkling of what the in game sex will be like.  

What is included is a good overview of the weaponary which seems to include a pretty badass shot gun, some kind of energy based RPG, flame thrower, old school mace (the bludgeoning type), bone (not the kind in your pants), and good old fashioned fisticuffs.

Stay tuned to Sex Games Report for breaking news, and hopefully some footage of in game sex.  

BoneCraft is a sci-fi/fantasy parody featuring fighting, humor, and a big dose of hard-core sex. The sex game is slated for release in 2011, but no word yet on price. Pre-orders for BoneCraft will be available soon; you can register on site for more information.

If you can't wait for BoneCraft you may want to check out D-Dub's popular BoneTown game instead.

BoneCraft Combat

Link: BoneCraft

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D-Dub Announces BoneCraft - Sci-Fi/Fantasy Sex Game

D-Dub has announced development of a new Fantasy/Sci-Fi Interactive Sex Game called BoneCraft.  The adult game, scheduled for launch some time in 2011, honry orcs, hooker elves, and drunken space marines, in a parody of the top two game genres.  The tag line for the game, "An Erotic Fantasy Quest Somewhere In Some Galaxy," leaves much to the imagination.

Like it's hit sex game BoneTown, BoneCraft will offer fighting, graphic sex, and humor.  D-Dub has released an early game trailer, and while there's no nudity I wouldn't exactly call it it SFW (safe for work).

Other details are sketchy at this time.  Check back here at The Sex Games Report for more breaking news.

BoneCraft Home Page

Link: BoneCraft

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Thrixxx Demos Sex Game With Kinect Controls

Thrixxx has demonstrated a sex game that is controlled using "Kinect," the motion-sensing control system from Microsoft.  Thrixxx used open source tools to intigrate the device to work on a PC.  Development is in the early stages, and so far the controller can only be used for a little casual groping and dildo action.

Thrixxx expects to fully commercilaze the product, eventually offering full control over sex games including virtual penetration, and will include voice cammands.  Microsoft is not onboard with the idea to say the least, but Thrixxx is going to forge ahead, even if they have to release the product for free to avoid lawsuits.  It's almost certain that the Kinect controller will eventually be available for use with existing sex games from Thrixxx including 3D Sexvilla, Hentai 3D, and more.

Here's a hardcore demo video for download: Kinect sex game demo 

Thrixxx Kinect Sex

Links: SexVilla, Hentai 3D

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Artmunk Working On New Lovechess Game

Artmunk has announced development of a new Lovechess sex game.  Dubbed "Lovechess : Salvage" the new interactive sex game will offer many new features over its predecessors.

For one, the "capture" sex scenes will now be fully interactive and will require skillful technique to achieve orgasm.  Second, the game will feature a brand new graphics engine and animation system, i.e. wicked good visuals.

Here's a breakdown of other features:

  • Post-war sceneries with highly detailed environments
  • Exciting fighting scenes based upon Kung Fu and other martial arts moves
  • 360° movable camera
  • Greatly improved chess multi-level chess engine

Game release is slotted for this spring.  Until then you can check out more info on the new Artmunk site, order Lovechess: Egypt, or other great Artmunk games.

Lovechess: Salvage

Link: Lovechess: Salvage

Products In Development
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