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Juliet Sex Session Launches

Sex Game Devil has just released their latest 3D sex game offering.  Juliet Sex Session is a new 3D sex game that takes place in a public restroom.

The adult game has fully rendered 3D models that have intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex in real-time. Players can manipulate the camera to just about any position they want, can adjust the size of the female model's boobs from essentially none right up to beach balls and can choose from about 10 different sexual positions.

While relatively simple in design the sex game has excellent graphics and animation.  Juliet Sex Session is available as part of Sex Game Devil's new monthly subscription package that gives users' access to all of their sex games along with content updates, new games and other upgrades.

You can see our full review of Juliet Sex Session over at The Virtual Sex Review. 

Juliet Sex Session Blow Job

Link: Sex Game Devil

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Sex Game Devil News

Sex Game Devil has a number of newsworthy updates to report.

First they have completely revamped their web-site and we really like what we see.  The main page neatly displays their five, and soon to be six sex games (more on that later) with pricing along with their bundle offer. There are easy to access pages for support, bundle offer details and contact information. Footer links are provided for webmasters and links to game reviews.  The new site integrates social links for following via Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of the bundle offer, well it's even better than before.  Sex Game Devil has reduced their sex games bundle from $34.99 to a ridiculous $24.95!  What's more, they are throwing in their latest adult game, Venus Hostage.

We're happy to report that Sex Game Devil is developing a brand new sex game which appears to be their best work yet.  Details are sketchy at this point but we do have a scene rendering to share (see image below).  Word has it the new sex game is being developed with a new graphics engine, hmm... we're thinking Unity perhaps?  In any event we like what we see so far.

Check back here for more details as their made available.  In the mean-time you can pick all five games for just $24.95.  Click the link below for more information.  

Sex Game Devil New Game

Link: Sex Game Devil Hot Deal

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BoneCraft Available For Pre-Order

D-Dub's highly anticipated adventure sex game BoneCraft is now available for pre-order.  The game officially launches on January 12th but you can pre-order the game starting today.

BoneCraft is discounted from the regular launch price of US$39.99 to $34.99 for pre-orders plus pre-order customers get C3P-HO (a golden sexbot) and the Golden Fist as an extra incentive.  Most importantly, pre-order customers may also sign up for a an open beta key!

BoneCraft is a space-fantasy adventure parody game with hardcore pornographic elements.  Unlike most other sex games, BoneCraft offers a fully immersive gaming experience similar to the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto series.

With fantastic graphics, animation, humour, gameplay, and most importantly graphic sex BoneCraft is expected to be an even bigger success than D-Dub's first game, BoneTown.

We will have coverage of the launch in January and a full sex game review on our sister site The Virtual Sex Review.  Click here to pre-order BoneCraft

Link: BoneCraft

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Velvet Express & Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex Bundle Offer

Artmunk has a brand new sex games bundle offer.  You can now purchase their two top sex games together and get 30% off.  The Velvet Express and The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex can now be yours for the one time low price of $34.99 instead of $49.99 if you purchased them separately.

Our sister site, The Virtual Sex Review, gave top marks to both games.  Here are a few excerpts, republished with their permission.

Velvet Express - The Velvet Express is a great new 3D sex game offering a unique look and feel, novel props, great characters, and cool Gothic locales.  This is just the ticket if you want a high quality adult game on a budget. 8.1 out of 10.

Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex - The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex does an incredibly wonderful job of combining sexual education with great gameplay. Gameplay is straight forward but contstantly challenging and fun.  With a one time price and hours and hours of content to unlock this is one the best deals out there. 8.7 out of 10.

This is one fantastic deal that shouldn't be missed.  Click the image or link below to order.

Velvet Express & Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex Bundle

Link: Velvet Express & Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex Bundle

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Nemo's Whores Discounted

Sex Game Devil has discounted their best selling sex game Nemo's Whores all the way down to $6.95 from $29.95, that's 77% off the original price!

In customer rankings over at The Virtual Sex Review Nemo's Whores comes in right after the Thrixxx line-up (3D Sexvilla, Hentai 3D, Virtually Jenna, etc.) and BoneTown making it the top ranked non-subscription 3D sex game.  We're not sure why Sex Game Devil has chosen to give the game away at this rock bottom price, nor do we know if and when this sale will end.

In any event why look a gift horse in the mouth, get the full version of this amazing adult game now for the same price as just one adult movie rental.

Click on the photo or link below for more info or to purchase.

Nemo's Whores Blonde Anal

Link: Nemo's Whores

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Artmunk Games Announces Summer Sale

From now until the 15th of August Artmunk is offering discounts as high as 40% off their interactive sex games and sex game bundles. Games on sale include The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex, The Velvet Express, and Lovechess Age of Egypt.

Artmunk offers a top shelf line-up of interactive sex games, and now at an outstanding discounted price.

Lovechess Age of Egypt Sale

Link: Artmunk Games

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