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Hentai 3D Version 2.126 Released

Hentai 3D version 1.26 has been released by Thrixxx and offers some great new functionality for BDSM lovers.  In a departure from normal upgrades the latest update doesn't offer a new scene and related content.

The 3D sex game, instead, offers new way to get off with introduction of the "Pain2Orgasm" meter.  This new meter tracks pain rather than pleasure and can be used in virtually any scene.  The "Pain2Orgasm" meter works with any of the following interactions:

  • strap on sex
  • spanking
  • wax play
  • whipping
  • specific toy play

The new feature is expected to be well received by those looking for an interactive sex game with a little more edge.

While the new upgrade doesn't include a new play area Thrixxx has released a new texture pack that can be used to redecorate the Fetish Club scene until your heart's content.  Also noteworthy are big enhancements to hair styles, teeth and pantyhose.  With these updates users can download base textures and create all kinds of customizations.  For example, with teeth you can create fangs, golden teeth, braces, gaps and more.

Finally, Hentai 3D comes with a brand new female character, Bella, that's a Doppelganger for Kristen Stewart.  She comes with very nice natural proportions, sultry gaze and a long black hair with a red streak.  

Numerous other small enhancements have been made as well, such as Vstroker tuning, filters for Sexbrowser tabs and more.

Thrixxx continues to dream up new features for Hentai 3D, 3D Sexvilla and their entire lineup of adult games.  Version 2.126 of Hentai 3D is available now and will be downloaded automatically when you next launch.  A free trial of Hentai 3D can be downloaded from the link below.

Hentai 3D BDSM

Link: Hentai 3D

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3D Sex Launches In Beta

3D Sex, an adult massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMOPRG) has launched in beta. The new interactive sex game is based upon the Utherverse Red Light Center engine and offers users a brand new experience that takes place on an exotic island rather than virtual versions of Amsterdam and Vancouver. The sex game offers an ultra realistic environment, customizable avatars, full on sex with one or more partners and more.

Rather than having specifically themed clubs the island is broken up into distinct resorts for specific fetishes. There are four areas which include a main resort, fetish resort for kinky play, swingers resort for couples and gay resort (enough said). Each resort, in turn has a number of different areas to explore.

3D Sex is in beta so the membership is currently restricted to a small test group. On July 6th the site will go live for the public. Registration and basic membership is free. 

3DSex Cum On Ass

Link: 3DSex

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Sex Game Devil 50% Off Summer Sale

Sex Game Devil has announced a 50% off summer sale on their all-inclusive sex games subscription package. From now until July 22nd you can sign up for just $6.95 instead of the regular monthly price of $14.95.

The package includes all 6 sex games in the Sex Game Devil line-up:

  • Nemo's Whores
  • Sex Warrior
  • Juliet Sex Session
  • Venus Hostage
  • Night Party
  • Anal Masters

As an added bonus you will also receive the new Juliet Rag Doll and Secret of the Nautilus mini games for free.

Your subscription entitles you to all updates including seven new sex poses that were recently added to Juliet Sex Session including a hot blowjob position.  Click the image or link below for instant access. 

Juliet Sex Session 69 Pose

Link: Sex Game Devil

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SexVilla Version 2.126 Released

Thrixxx has announced an update for 3D Sexvilla 2. Their latest version of the interactive sex game, v2.126, offers new content for BDSM fans, but is somewhat unusual in that there is no new scene launch. Most Sexvilla updates contain a new scene and related content such as clothing and hairstyles.

Instead, the sex game is getting some new functionality around BDSM activities. More specifically 3D Sexvilla 2 has a new "Pain2Orgasm" meter which facilitates getting female characters off by inflicting pain rather than pleasure. The new meter can be used in virtually any scenario and is intended to work with all of the following interactions: strap on sex, whipping, spanking, wax play and certain toy play.

The new feature is sure to please those sex game lovers like things a little more edgy.  If you were looking forward to a new play area don't fret, the latest update includes a new texture pack that can be used to redecorate the Fetish Club scene.

The 3D sex game has also received substantial enhancements for hair styles, pantyhose and teeth. Creative types can now download base hair textures and create their very own styles and share them in the community. Stockings can be customized by seam placement, mesh denier style, adding or removing panty pattern and print details, plus a whole lot more. Tired of the same old pearly whites?  No problem, you can now customize your models with vampire fangs, golden teeth, braces, missing teeth, no teeth at all and more.  In addition, 6 unique tooth shapes and textures are available for editing her chompers until your heart is content.

While there is no new play area this release, Sexvilla has added a brand new character, Bella, that apparently looks somewhat like Kristen Stewart.  This beauty has great natural proportions, a sultry look and long straight black hair with a small red streak... yes that certainly seems a lot like Kirsten Stewart alright.

Along with the new game features Thrixxx has made a grocery list of performance improvements including a search filter for Sexbrowser tabs, more context sensitive help, Vstroker tuning and more.

Already the clear leader in sex games, Thrixxx continues to impress us with their creativeness and ability to improve what is already the best product in the adult gaming industry.  3D Sexvilla v2.126 is a free update available now for all existing users.  The update will install automatically when you launch Sexvilla.  Click the image or link below for more information.

3D Sexvilla BDSM Pain Meter

Links: 3D SexVilla

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Saboom Interactive Launches LiveCams

Saboom, who has been sweeping the industry with their Interactive Porn offering, has just added Live Cams to their product line-up. Now in addition to their live action sex games you can interact with the very same actresses in hot one on one web chat.

Currently Saboom only has about 20 girls in their stable, but as indicated above these are the same porn stars that appear in the ever so popular interactive porn movies.  Existing users love being able to watch the girls in interactive hardcore shows before connecting for some live action.  

Completely private live sex shows run about $2/minute, much less than most competitors. Users that sign up for a monthly subscription will have instant access to both services under one account.

Saboom is well known for their streaming interactive sex games a.k.a. on-demand interactive POV porn. With HD quality video, top notch production values, an intuitive interface and top European talent they have been a big hit.  Saboom offers a free demo so you can try before you buy.

Saboom Live Cams

Links: Saboom

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FleshLight Launches Flight, Offers 3 For 2 Special On FleshLight Sleeves

FleshLight is now shipping their new Flight, a smaller more sleak version of their FleshLight sex toy stroker for men.  The new sex toy, originally announced at AEE in Las Vegas in January, is easier to handle, more discreet, and has a more pleasing form-factor than the larger FleshLight.  Currently the Flight can only be purchased with one sleeve as a package with lube for $56.95.  It should be noted, also, that this toy may not be appropriate for the very well endowed and is not compatible with the V-Stroker adapter (for use with 3D sex games).

FleshLight is now offering a 3 for 2 special on their most popular FleshLight sleeves.  Sleeve texture options include Super Ribbed, Speed Bump, Wonder Wave, Super Tight and Vortex.  Each texture may be purchased with any of Mouth, Vagina or Anal orifices.  This package is reduced from the regular price of $149.85 to $99.90 for a limited time.

To puchase now, or for more information on Flight and other FleshLight products click the image or link below.

Flight Sex Toy For Men

Links: FleshLight

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