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XStoryPlayer Version 2.1 Released

XMoon Productions has released version 2.1 of their interactive 3D sex game XStoryPlayer. The update offers several new minor features including a fast sex option which, quote "you can now customize the girls, use all kind of toys, dress the girls, pose them, etc."

Some other new features include:

  • Side view - greatly improves visibility during blowjob scenes
  • Save game - ability to recover if you make a mistake in the game
  • Extra settings - new settings for field of view, keyboard and window mode

XStoryPlayer is an immersive 3D adventure sex game that allows you to pick up different girls and bring them home for all kinds of kinky fun. The high quality 3D sex game is just $9 to buy and a free demo is available for download at the link below.

XStory Player About to get Fucked in the Ass

Links: XStoryPlayer

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Sex Game Devil Launches 3DXChat Beta

Sex Game Devil has just announced the release of their new interactive MMO sex game, 3DXChat into open Beta.  The ambitious interactive sex game will apparently be similar to Red Light Center with some significant differences.

In 3DXChat each user will have their own apartment which they can decorate with customized furniture. You will be able to invite other users over for a visit and of course have sex with them.  If you cannot find a real partner 3DXChat is equipped with on demand bots to entertain you.

Here are a few excerpts from the press release:

Appearance of our heroes is fully under your control and you can easily change the features and characteristics as well as haircut, eye color, hair color and even nails color. In addition you can also adjust body shape, breast and ass size, thickness of hands legs and waist as well. You are free to select out of various types of clothes from your spacious wardrobe.

In this game you will be able to travel freely around the world of 3DXChat, walk along the streets of cities, visit clubs, bars, beaches and so on. The world of 3DXChat keeps broadening and improving, so that you can check out various new locations being added.

We've had an early look at the Beta and it fairness it needs a lot of work yet.  According to a Sex Game Devil rep new features and improvements are being rolled out almost every day.  They expect the game to be robust very soon.

All Sex Game Devil subscribers have access to the open Beta as well as their full line up of sex games including the very popular Nemo's Whores and Juliet Sex Session.  Full membership is just $24.95/month. Click the image or link below to sign up and get instant access.

3DXChat Fuck

Link: Sex Game Devil

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Interactive Sex Games Infographic

Sex Games Report in cooperation with The Virtual Sex Review is proud to present the first ever infographic for the Interactive Sex Games industry.

The infographic was compiled from a variety of data sources provided by Thrixxx Games, Quantcast, Compete, Wikipedia, Alexa, Top Ten Reviews and surveys performed by The Virtual Sex Review over the past 5 years.

The infographic is available here and also on The Virtual Sex Review website.  Click the image or link below for the full infographic.

Interactive Sex Games Infographic

Links: Interactive Sex Infographic

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SexVilla Version 2.135 Released

Thrixxx has released a major update to their flagship sex game 3D SexVilla 2 just in time for the holidays. Most notably is the addition of the new News Room play area with a green chroma-keyed screen for displaying your saved videos right inside the game.  This massive update also includes two new female models, new outfits and hairdos and tons of other upgrades.

New model Kate is a News Reporter and buxom blonde with long locks.  New model Julia is modeled after German porn starlet Julia Herz and comes replete with her real voiceover, unfortunately German only.  If you don't know German you can hear her in English but it isn't her voiceover.  Hopefully this is a new trend for Thrixxx and they will offer other models providing their own voiceovers in the future.

Here's a complete list of upgrades in version 2.135:

  • TV Studio News Room play area
  • Photo Studio Redux - improved green screen operation
  • Kate TV Reporter model
  • Julia Herz endorsed model with German language voiceover
  • Double up outfits
  • New "updo" hairstyles
  • Throne room mod for Santa's Chair scene
  • "Old School" retro furniture textures
  • New sex sound effects packs
  • Numerous tweaks including ability to save movies as .avi format 

3D SexVilla two is the best selling of all sex games sold by Thrixxx.  Minor updates are available free to all existing users.  New content is available through the online Sex Shop; start-up 3D SexVilla 2 and navigate to the Sex Shop to pick up these goodies now.

3D SexVilla 2 Studio Sex

Links: SexVilla

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DreamStripper Perfect 10 Preorders Available

Ensign Games is readying the launch of their major upgrade to DreamStripper. The latest version, dubbed DreamStripper Perfect 10 is now available for preorder at various levels from as little as $5 for a VIP DreamStripper Desktop wallpaper to $175 for a huge game package and invitation to the P10 launch party in Austin Texas.

The new 3D Stripper will offer a ton of upgrades, here's a quick run down:

  • New Breast Physics
  • Variable Breast Size
  • Support for PC, MAC and Android
  • New Dancers with Rag Doll Physics
  • New Outfits
  • New Club

Preorders at $39.99 and above will be be signed up as a Beta tester for DreamStripper Perfect 10. Ensign hasn't yet announced a release date for DreamStripper Perfect 10 but you can bet we'll report it as soon as they do. More information and pricing for preorders is available at the link below.  

DreamStripper Perfect 10 Customization

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SexVilla Version 2.132 Released - Halloween Offer

In an unusual move Thrixxx has released a small but notable update to 3D SexVilla 2.  First, the sex game has a new model, Belakane, a hot African goddess.  Second, the sound sequencer now includes office sounds for those of you that like getting it on while the boss is away.  Third, the Dome of Pain play area is now fully moddable.  This is welcome news to those of us with kinky fantasies.

Finally, the most important upgrade in our opinion is the ability to instantly drop in a plain background for screen and video caps.  By pressing [Ctrl+R] the normal scene is replaced by a default background color (can be customized by the user).  This feature is perfect for shooting clean sex images/scenes and for repurposing SexVilla content for any number of uses.

The update applies to 3D SexVilla to as well as Thrixxx's other sex games Hentai 3D 2 and others.  The update is free and will be applied on next launch.  Belakane and other models are available in the Sex Shop.

Thrixxx is also having a short Halloween sale on spooky content.  From now through November 2nd you can save 50% on Witch, Scientist and Skeleton outfits and the Laboratory play area.  The "Hellacious 96 Hour Halloween Mayhem Sales" ends at midnight so take advantage while you can.

Sexvilla Belakane BJ in the Laboratory

Links: SexVilla

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