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Play Sex Game Launches

Double-B Studio has just announced the launch of their interactive sex game, "Play Sex Game," which offers fully controllable male and female characters in 3D.

A brand new product in sex games, this is sure to be a big hit. Play Sex Game fits neatly into the BDSM niche with sex that's a little more hardcore than what other games currently offer. The game offers one female character, "Alice," who can be fully customized with different skin tones and hair color.

The game is available now as a download.

Play Sex Game Facial

Link: Play Sex Game

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Red Light Center Launches

Utherverse has released thier Massively Multiplayer Online Erotic Game, Red Light Center.  Akin to Second Life, the game others an enourmous and fully interactive play area.  Where this sex game differs from Second Life, is that much of the content is of an adult nature.

In addition to the usual MMO capabiltiies players may participate in drinking, taking drugs, and one on one sex or orgies with other members.  The game aptly takes place in "Amsterdam" although visitors shouldn't expect to see any recongnizable landmarks.

Besides offering a plethora of activities within the game itself, Utherverse offers social networking for their members.  Basic membership is free.

Red Light Center is available for installation now.

Red Light Center Lesbians

Link: Red Light Center


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Virtual EVE Launches

Eve Interactive has announced the launch of their interactive sex game, Virtual EVE.  Virtual EVE is all about the sex.  The new sex game offers two characters (man and woman) that are not customizable whatsoever.  There is no variety of locales to choose from; in fact there is only a completely white background.  There is also, no background music whatsoever.

Virtual EVE does provide is a wide variety of sexual positions, fully 360° controllable camera, and a sound track the offers up a lot of moaning and groaning.

Virtual EVE sex game is available for download now.

Virtual EVE screen shots

Link: Virtual EVE

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ActiveDolls Launches

Pineapple Works has released their new sex game, ActiveDolls.  ActiveDolls offers a handful of premade beauties which you can modify in the dressing room.

You may then take your models on a photo shoot where they will pose in various positions and states of undress.  The game offers penatrative sex with toys and girl on girl (strap-on).  There are no male characters in ActiveDolls.

ActiveDolls will compete with other sex games SexVilla and Virtual Hottie.  The interactive sex game is available for download from the ActiveDolls website.

ActiveDolls Home Page

Link: ActiveDolls

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